I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.
— Unknown.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
9:52 PM

once upon a time , there was a little girl . one day , her family friend was born .
they have been best friends ever since they met each other .

they grew up together . they were neighbours , living on the same road .

soon the little girl and her family friend went to chinese school together , they went to ballet class together ,
they went to art class together .
they spent more and more time together and their relationship grew very strong .

they've been through wind and rain and of course they've been throught the sunny days as well .

when the little girl grew older , she learnt about love . she noticed things about her best friend that she hadn't noticed before .
for example , how amazing her smile was , how happy she was when she spent time with her ,
and how happy she was whenever she saw her .

she started feeling a different way towards her . she wanted to be more than friends .

since they were family friends , most of their holidays were spent together . and one holiday , she had to chance to visit many different countries with her .
they went on the plane together , they went on the bus together , they spent many hours together laughing and having the time of their lives .
they went on rollercoasters together and watch anime together .

the little girl thought she was just over-thinking everything . after all , they were just friends . nothing more .
but the little girl's best friend gave her a kiss on the cheeck . the little girl thought it was special .
but she find out later that it was her way to show affection towards her friends . nothing more .

so she kept her feelings a secret . she was afraid of telling her friend the truth , she didnt want to ruin their friendship .

shortly after the little girl came back from her holiday , she made a blog . she wanted to reaease her stress and feelings .
one day , the little girl just couldnt get her friend out of her head . so she wrote her a letter on her blog .
afterwards , she told her crush that one of the letters was for her . at first she was shocked , she didn't expect it to be this way .
and then she said that they were just friends . and always would be .
the little girl starting crying . her tears wouldn't stop leaking and she cried until she ran out of tears .

the next day at school , the little girl saw another one of her best friends waiting outside for her at the school gate.
the moment her friend asked ' what happened ' the little girl burst into tears .
she got a lot of hugs that morning as her friends were there to comfort her .

she was glad that she confessed though . the little girl was glad that her crush knew about her feelings .
she was also glad that it didn't interrupt with their friendship , even though she doesn't receive her kisses anymore.
she was glad that she could see her often and make her laugh .

she was quite content with their realtionship until her crush wrote a letter to her .
the little girl was such an idiot , thinking it was about her . she wrote a letter back to her .
but she got it all wrong . the letter was not to her and her crush didn't have any feelings for her in that way .
her hurt was crushed . scrunched up , stomped on , squished and turned into a piece of nothing .

but it was alright . becaues she was going to let go . and sometimes you have to let go .
because holding on won't do anything . it was never going to work out anyway .
so the little girl went to chinese school the next week and gave her ex-crush a big long hug .

she decided that they would be friends . just friends .
because it would be better than way .
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