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Thursday, October 7, 2010
5:45 PM
sorry for not blogging , i've been really busy lately -cough playing games and watching dramas cough- (:

so this is gonna be a looong blogpost about my holidays c:

week one ; 
pretty much just gaming , drama-ing and anime-ing o:
im such a geek , staying up until 2am playing pokemon ranger 8D
like 1 hour of studying done in the whole week -w-

week two ; 
gaming , drama-ing and anime-ing .

tuesday was very fluffly :D
went to watch Despicable Me with rebecca, steffanie, my brother, calvin and matthew and its so cute omg . the old man was funnay , 
" we have to tell him , fast ! " 
-goes veeery slowly on his oldman motorbikee- 8)
and the minions are soo cute , i want one :D 
so i can eat it o:

haha epic .
and had sooo much popcorn :3

wednesday was nothing much , just watching dbsk's cooking variety show . it was hilarious .
poor jaejoong , getting smacked on the head by changmin ):
yunho is such a lengjai<3

thursday (Todayy)
today was the epic-est day of the holidays . :D

went to the city with rebecca, steffanie, my brother, calvin and mattheww c:
we went galaxy world, the asain CD/Poster shop in Chinatown, morning glory, and some other random asain shops . went yumcha with matthews mum too o-o

the caps machine music is strangely addictive o:
omg i didnt get to ply technika today ): 
i had to go early cause my gay brother had tutor today :C

still fun though :]

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