I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.
— Unknown.
Hello there. I'm Florence and I'm 16. I currently reside in Sydney. Rain makes me happy. Photos of the sky are dreamy. Hugs are lovely. Love is amazing. Scented candles keep me sane. Mangoes are delicious. So are korean boys. ;)
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Friday, August 27, 2010
7:24 PM
after talking to a friend about stuff , i was inspired to write this c:

im scared to love .
the feelings inside feel wonderful and horrible at the same time , im scared of pain and i dont want to get hurt , but that person is really really special and i want them to know that nobody can replace them  .

i dont really understand , i know that its not possible , but i really really hope that a miracle will happen , that my dreams come true .
i have no idea why , but a goofy smile crawls along my face once i think about that person . that person makes me really really glad to live life , they make everyday so much better . at the same time , they make it so much worse , i can only wish . i know that nothing will ever happen between us , that person won't like someone like me . i am too greedy , i want so much more than i can get .
even though i know i cant get it , its so hard to accept , so hard to stop wanting , so hard to stop hurting .

ihateyou, ilikeyou, iloveyou , you're alright .

eww im so corny o:
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