I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.
— Unknown.
Hello there. I'm Florence and I'm 16. I currently reside in Sydney. Rain makes me happy. Photos of the sky are dreamy. Hugs are lovely. Love is amazing. Scented candles keep me sane. Mangoes are delicious. So are korean boys. ;)
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ROFLMAOLOLOLOLBANANAPOOP(: i can has cheezburgers :D CuppyCake o: Joycie is gay 8=====================================) Vitasoy :D weee first post .__.

Friday, August 27, 2010
6:01 PM
heyhey :3

today was harry potter mufti day :D i dressed up as a wizard .. who dressed up as a muggle c:
WOOT ! :3

i cant wait till monday , joycie is gonna buy me 'one litre of tears' DVDs :D
its really depressing but really pretty and sweet <3 i luff it

sunday shall be fun , im going to ericas house o:
i rmbr last time we went , we went to maccas for lunch . apparently it was 'close' , "its only 100m" . so we started walking , then after like 20 mins of walking we were like OMG when will we get theree D:
then we saw the sign o:
the sign said ' Mcdonalds 100m ahead '
pooo , it took us like another 5 mins to get there ..
heheheee i took ages to get back as well cause we couldnt be bothered -____-

omg im so boring o-o
i think im gonna start that 30 letters thing , when im bothered :D
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