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Hello there. I'm Florence and I'm 16. I currently reside in Sydney. Rain makes me happy. Photos of the sky are dreamy. Hugs are lovely. Love is amazing. Scented candles keep me sane. Mangoes are delicious. So are korean boys. ;)
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
11:03 PM
Hello everyone. It's been a while.. :) (A mega long blogpost coming up ~)

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged and to sum it all up, life is wonderful and amazing right now. c: 
Reason? Well yes, I've found my significant other. <3 I've finally settled down into a relationship. Yay for finding love.. (^v^)Oh and I've decided to stop doing the one word blogpost titles since almost everyone's doing it and it's getting old.. I'll be using song names / phrases instead. c:
But I'll start with what I've been doing in the holidays so far. =w= (I've actually been doing a lot for once..)

Thurs 05 Apr- Sat 07 Apr-
Thursday was actually the first day of my holiday because I really thought the last day of term was a waste of time... So I stayed at home. All I did was lie around and watch One Piece. Hooray ~ :3 Going outside for fresh air is nice too. c:

Sun 08 Apr-
Mother's birthday and a city outing. c:
It was pretty chill. Just went to eat at Mizuya, walk around, Karaoke and then shopping by myself.. Woot woot. Hahah, talked to 'Icing' on the phone in the shopping centre like a loner until family arrived at the city for dinner. :3

Mon 09 Apr-
16 years ago on this day, I popped out of my mother ! Woot woot ~ Lololo. Thank you call for the text messages and wall posts on Facebook. c: (And if you're reading this Icing, thank you for your text. <3) My day was actually pretty nice, despite being at maths tutor from 9am - 6pm. It wasn't too bad and I got heaps of work done. :3 Spent the rest of the night on my laptop. <3

Tues 10 Apr-
Heheh, that was a fun day ~ Went over to Matt's place and cooked scones with Steff. :) They were successful and the custard was pretty oishii ! Yayyyy. :]

Wed 11 Apr-
Maths tutor, Round 2. 9am - 6:30pm. B)
Relaxed after dinner. Skype with Icing. ( ・ω・) Last minute preparations for Easter Show. c:

Thurs 12 Apr-
Matthew, Calvin, Steffanie, Rachel, Christian, Kelly, Annie, Binna, Vicky, Ananda and le myself went to the Easter show today ~ It was pretty fun and the fireworks / pyromusical were amazing. I bought Icing a Domo-kun showbag. Hope he likes it ! :3 The rides were pretty fun and surprisingly, I spent less than 150$ ! Lol, I normally spend like 200$+ :P And oooh oooh ooohhhhhh, I met Hex and Bajo from Good Game Spawn Point (awesome gaming show on ABC) and got a photo and their signatures. It was pretty awesome. B) And kufufufufu, hooray for getting half full from free food samples @ Woolworths Fresh Food pavilion. 8D Salmon sushi, pikelets, tea, steak, teriyaki salmon, macarons, apples and chips ! woot woot. Lololol. c: FOOOOEETOES. :3

Fri 13 Apr-
Maths tutor.. again. Lol, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am - 6pm. Awesome.. (>w<)b

Sat 14 Apr-
Cosplay Dance- Bad Apple event ! except.. the event ended up getting cancelled because the freaking council didn't want to allow 50 or so people in colourful costumes dancing around in Hyde Park.. ;m;
So in the end, we just had a cosplay meetup, although Me, Kim, Amy, Shing, Ting and Icing ran off after attempting to troll people (Ellen's dance dare. ;3). LOL. Ate some curry udon at Mappen. <3 Then we went to a dodgy karaoke, but it was seriously dodgy and dungeon-like.. >:u So we left after an hour and had round 2 in another one. 8D LOLOLOL. Chilled at a cafe and talked afterwards ~ It was heaps of funnnnn and the rest that happened was a secret. ^ //// ^ Took some purikura and left at around 5pm cause Kim had to head home. o:
Went home and spazzed, woot woot. c:

Sun 15 Apr-
Woke up to SBSPopAsia. 8D The drummer from Scandal is so pretty, their songs are quite nice too. c:Went to cousin's place, it was so booooringgg. They are so awkward and anti-social now.. =m= ermm, went home and did some more maths. c: Gosh 3D Trig, Permutation & Combination and motherfcking 2nd derivatives are fun... ouo;

Mon 16 Apr-
ALAS! (lolwtfwasthatican'teven-) MORE MATHS LOLOLOL. My holidays are so wonderful and ... mathsful. B) Ah well, it's actually not too bad. Kind of.. fun. I DID NOT JUST SAY 3D TRIGONOMETRY WAS FUN. O___O
Yeah, went home and talked to Icing. ^u^

Tues 17 Apr-
Yeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeeee, finally got to play Mahjong.. B) Not much beats playing Mahjong while listening to nice music, 'singing' along and eating chipsss. c: Buttttt, it's so depressing, I normally play like 1.5 hours of Mahjong every day in the holidays, but these holidays... -sobsobsob-
Chilled at Matt's place again and played le Mahjong, SSBB and yeahhh. Also got my flu shot, it was ok. =w=

Wed 18 Apr-
Finally up to date.. Phew. :3
More maths today.. So glad I finished those 3 exercises after class. I'm free from maths tmrw. c:
But erm, as you can see, I haven't started ANY school work yet. Been going out every day, there isn't one day where I haven't left the house yet... But I haven't started reading Mrs. Dalloway, haven't started Jap revision or catching up on Food tech.. Ah well, hopefully I'll get a lot done tmrw.. I wanted to go on a date with Icing, but it's not gonna happen at this point.. =m="

Congrats if you got through that and hooray for the 8 times that 'maths' appears in this post (9 just then. :3)
Hope you guys are having awesome holidays and yeah, stay happy and safe ! :)

PS: I hope I'll get the chance to keep my blog updated, but I doubt it. I've been too busy and I think I'll be going on a semi hiatus.. I'll post whenever I feel like it okay? Hahah, but if you guys want to know what I'm doing everyday then follow my Instagram (@furorensu) or just stalk my FB page and yes. It'll all be there. c:

See you. :) 
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