I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.
— Unknown.
Hello there. I'm Florence and I'm 16. I currently reside in Sydney. Rain makes me happy. Photos of the sky are dreamy. Hugs are lovely. Love is amazing. Scented candles keep me sane. Mangoes are delicious. So are korean boys. ;)
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Monday, March 26, 2012
9:24 PM
Hey guys, long time no post. Just a short update.

  • School is still busy, been having an assessment every week for the 4th week now, just English ext. next week and it'll all be over for a little while.
  • I'm just so completely drained, if I don't talk much it just means that I'm out of energy.. Been getting an average of 4 hours of sleep on weekdays, but I guess I only have myself to blame. 
  • So fucking tired right now, I got 2 hours sleep today. I went to bed at 4:30am and I swear I only just closed my eyes for 10 minutes and then my alarm rang and it was time for school. Wtf... >:u
  • Mini Animania was so damn amazing. <3 We went to the city afterwards and ate Pepper Lunch and went to le karaoke (PARA PARAAA, PARADAISUUUUU ~ ;3) I will post properly later, perhaps next weekend. But I'll post some teaser photos for now. :)
  • Addicted to SHINee's new song Sherlock. I didn't like it at first, but now it's catching on. o:<
  • Going to spend at least 12 hours at my maths tutor's place this week. Monday, Saturday and Sunday. My record was 8 hours in a day. It's crazy. Holidays: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I even have to go on my birthday. I know. What the actual fuck right?
  • Gah, our group kinda had a fight today. I don't know what to do and I don't really know how I'm going to solve this problem. But you know, I don't want to be a part of this argument.
  • Binna, I hope you're okay. <3
  • I really should be doing work right now, but instead I'm looking up cosplay photos... >:
Ah well, here's some photos from Animania ~ (Can you guess who's who? Dw, I can't recognise myself either. o__o) (Oh and all the photos are click-able, click them to enlarge. :3)

Do your eyes hurt from the brightness and saturation? :3

Anyway, I really need to start doing my homework before I fall asleep. 

Have a lovely week, dearies. <3
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